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Create Your Customer Avatar: Course
Knowing who your customer avatar is critically important and should be clearly defined  before you start any branding, website build or marketing activity. Your customer avatar is going to lay the foundations for the success of your marketing, product development, and inform the way you deliver your services. In this...
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Track and Grow Your Sales: E-commerce Digital Planner
So, you want to grow your online sales in 2021. But how? Our E-commerce Growth Planner is designed especially for e-commerce store owners, just like you! Stay focused on what’s important and learn about the key growth drivers in e-commerce, then track it all in one place so you can...
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Update and Manage Your Shopify Store
If you already have a Shopify store set up but are struggling to make edits or update your store, this is for you! We have created a video library to walk you through common Shopify tasks so you can always refer back to it and make changes as needed. Plus...
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Logo and Branding Design
Brands live online as vividly as they do in the real world, so, we help e-commerce businesses find the best ways to entice real people to engage, interact and buy. At The Indie Collab, we look at how the brand interacts with what users expect, and then we design something...
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Build Your Own Shopify Store
Learn how to build your own Shopify store from scratch Right now, e-commerce is booming. After the lockdowns and chaos that ensued with the ‘rona it became even more clear that the future of business is online. Business owners and digital entrepreneurs have been piecing together their education, support, and...
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