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Buy Māori Made: UX/UI Design

Buy Māori Made: UX/UI Design

Case Study: Orchestrating E-Commerce Transformation for Go Māori and Buy Māori Made

Client: Go Māori (GM) and Buy Māori Made (BMM)

Challenge: Elevating Online Presence and Streamlining Operations

Meet Michelle, the visionary behind Go Māori and Buy Māori Made, two thriving ventures that celebrate Maori culture and support local artisans. Michelle's commitment to excellence led her to explore ways to enhance their digital footprint and streamline operations. The objectives were clear: revamp the existing website and establish efficient systems to amplify both ventures' impact.

Solution: A Collaborative Digital Symphony

Bringing this digital symphony to life required a harmonious collaboration between Michelle of Go Māori and Zahn from The Indie Collab to bring together a multi-dimensional platform that embraced innovation and user-centered design.

Unveiling the Key Notes of Transformation:

  1. Online Directory: Exclusive to Paid Members A melodious online directory resonated with both ventures' aspirations. The Indie Collab orchestrated a harmonious setup where only paid members could showcase their offerings, enhancing the platform's exclusivity.

  2. Multi-Vendor Online Store: A Showcase of Artistry A crescendo of creativity came to life with a multi-vendor store where artisans could exhibit their masterpieces within the GM store. The Indie Collab's expertise ensured seamless vendor management, enabling independent product uploads, descriptions, and shipping management.

  3. VIP Club: Elevating Membership Benefits An enchanting VIP club was conceived, offering standard and VIP memberships with exclusive benefits. The Indie Collab explored various apps, contemplating the use of alternative solutions to orchestrate this VIP symphony.


  1. The Indie Collab's Harmonious Choreography:
  1. User Research & Analysis: Unveiling Melodic Journeys Understanding user journeys, needs, and aspirations formed the foundation. Michelle's insights and questionnaires harmonised with The Indie Collab's expertise to fine-tune the cadence.

  2. Development of Specs & Wireframe: Composing Functional Harmony Crafting a functional symphony demanded detailed specs, orchestrating the aim of each site segment. The Indie Collab's meticulous arrangement translated into purposeful wireframes.

  3. Design Mockups: Visual Harmony Unveiled Melodic visuals emerged, showcasing core site pages. The Indie Collab's creative melody embraced feedback and revisions, ensuring a harmonious design.

  4. Site Build & Launch: Symphony Unleashed The crescendo arrived with site construction, meticulous testing, and a harmonious launch. Collaborative testing ensued, aligning with Michelle's final sign-off.

Closing Note: The Symphony's Success

The Go Māori and Buy Māori Made symphony is a harmonious tale of digital transformation. The Indie Collab, led by Zahn, orchestrated a multi-dimensional crescendo, enhancing online presence and operational efficiency. With a seamless blend of creativity, technology, and collaboration, The Indie Collab helped Michelle's visions sing melodies of success, resonating with customers, vendors, and the essence of Māori culture.

Ready to Create Your Own Digital Symphony?

Connect with The Indie Collab to explore how your business can embark on a transformational journey, where innovation and collaboration harmonise to create a symphony of success. Contact us today to start composing your own digital masterpiece.

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