Social Media Ad Management

Social Media Ad Management

Regular price $167.00

Our social media ad management packages are designed with small businesses in mind which means we take a no-nonsense approach.

We aren’t interested in vanity metrics and the traditional view of social media as a tool solely for brand awareness and generating followers. We want to get you results.

Before we can develop a strategy for a new client we spend time getting to know you, your product and your business. We use that information to create personas and a custom strategy for you and your target market, including compelling ad copy and imagery to make sure our messaging is relevant and effective.

Our management fees start at $249/monthly + ad spend (we usually recommend at least $5/day)

What’s included:

Initial Setup

  • Research and buyer persona development
  • Determining success metrics and how we can help you reach your goals
  • Pixel Setup (if required)

Ongoing Management

  • Campaign structure and targeting
  • Creative & imagery
  • Ad copy creation
  • Ad copy testing
  • Budget allocation
  • Regular Reporting

What's not included:

  • Stock imagery 
  • Photography 
  • Ad spend