Logo and Branding Design
Logo and Branding Design

Logo and Branding Design

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Brands live online as vividly as they do in the real world, so, we help e-commerce businesses find the best ways to entice real people to engage, interact and buy.

At The Indie Collab, we look at how the brand interacts with what users expect, and then we design something unexpected. After all, your brand should set you apart, not make you the same.

Whether you are a new business, or have been around for awhile and need a refresh, we'll design a brand that connects and builds trust with your customer.


  • 2 x initial custom logo concepts to choose from and 2 rounds of revisions on your chosen concept
  • Final logo files for both web and print 
  • An 8-tone colour palette that reflects your brand’s visual identity
  • A mood board
  • 3 stock photos/graphics to boost your brand communications
  • A 2-font typography palette
  • A quick reference PDF Branding Guide that includes:
    • RGB brand colours
    • CMYK brand colours
    • Web Safe colour hex codes (for web design)
    • Typeface names and usage instructions

Our brand design process:

Uncover Your
Customer Avatar

Design a Unique
Logo for your Brand

Define Your
Brands Values

Add Colour &
Supporting Elements

Some of our recent brand work:

Need help figuring out who your customer is so you can nail your brand and marketing?

Your brand is not just your logo, it’s how your brand is perceived by the world.
Our brand kits include:

8-Tone Colour Palette

Colour is the perfect way to bring your brand to life. It can communicate your brands values, market position and will influence your customers perception of your brand and product

Logo Files

Your logo, favicon and other supporting elements supplied in multiple colour lockups and formats so if you are printing a billboard or designing a website you'll have the format you need

Typography Palette

Often forgotten about, typography and the fonts you use say a lot about your brand. For a cohesive experience it’s important to have a font selection that compliments your brand


More of our recent work:

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