Write a killer about page

It’s Your Customer’s Business, to Know Your Business.

No, not what you got up to on the weekend, or how your crazy mother in law is moving in with you for 3 months and you dislike her with the same amount of passion as a small dog vs a vacuum cleaner. Your customers want to know how your business is going to benefit them if, and when they purchase your product or service. So how do you create an about page that is informative, attractive, and gets the right message across to the reader? 

Satisfy the Nosey Parkers, The Accidental Google Stumblers, and the Word of Mouth Referrals 

It needs to be punchy and eye catching. The average person spends less than 15 seconds on a website, so that’s how long you have to capture someone’s attention.

But don’t panic. You don’t have to convert them right then and there – just inform, and keep em curious, wanting to read more.

  • Think about the current design and layout of your website – where are people most likely to look first, where do they start reading? Can you make the about page easier to find? Is in fact, your home page the about page?
  • Cater to the strangers. I’ve never heard of this brand before, what am I going to want to learn straight away? How will this product or service benefit me? Why do I need to purchase or subscribe now, not 3 months down the track?

Language and Tone Speaks Volumes

Communication is key here. In order to appeal, you need to know who you’re talking to. Get inside the mind of who’s visiting your website by mining your customer data; what are your most popular products, and who are they being purchased by? Think about the kind of language that demographic speaks (to emoji, or to not emoji?) and adopt it into your writing. Avoid generic messaging and focus on how your business can help a potential visitor.

Inject humour into it by playing on words – this is what creates loveable and memorable marketing messaging. Example: “We don’t mean to sound cheesy – but Brie’s Beauty Spa is truly a slice of heaven!”

Have at least one call to action (CTA) that links internally to one of your products, or a contact form built into the page. Make sure the CTA naturally fits in with your messaging, for example:

At Brie’s Beauty Spa, we work with each of our customers to fully understand their lifestyle needs and how we can build a beauty regime that fits perfectly into your routine. Start a conversation with us by filling out this contact form and one of our Beauty Consultants will contact you to get the conversation started.”

Start with the value proposition and set the expectation of what will happen next. This way, there are no awkward surprises when you follow up with customers.

Tell Your Story

Whether it’s about your humble beginnings, or a breakthrough market-disrupting product you’ve created and grown, use passionate storytelling and your unique history to really connect and engage with the reader. Inform the readers about your great and capable team, your sponsors, and any big ambassadors you have. Actions are driven through emotion, and the strongest feelings that provoke a reaction are love and hate. So if you can woo a site visitor there and then, they are more likely to continue browsing and potentially convert. 

Key takeaways

  • What’s a common denominator between your customers and site visitors? Find out, and hone in on that.
  • Answer all the essential questions – who, what, where, when, why and (most importantly) how!
  • Imagery is everything – people consume pictures faster than words (60,000 times faster in fact) so make sure your images are up to scratch and of high quality.
  • Even better if you can create a short 15 - 30 second ‘about us’ video! This makes your digital presence a more interactive experience
  • Make the language easy to read and understand (you don’t want people visiting your about page and leaving still not knowing what it’s about!).

Most importantly – be unique! Don’t be afraid to break the mould, be personable and be yourself. You’ll attract the right kind of customers who love your products and you, who will keep coming back, keep spending and be an ambassador for your brand.