Start an E-commerce Business with the 7 Secrets to Success Checklist

So you’re starting a business...

And need a website to sell your products but you don’t know where to start? An e-commerce site needs to hit a few marks to be successful.

Use this checklist to set your site up for success.

My website is:

1. Mobile-friendly

Over 1.2 billion people worldwide access the internet from their smartphones (pssst that’s four times the population of the US!) so not only does it make sense to make sure your site is mobile friendly but if it’s not you’ll actually lose traffic as our old mate Google pushes you down the ranks. Make sure your site is:

  • Responsive (changes or adapts to the size of the viewers device)
  • The images are optimised
  • The navigation is easy to, ahh navigate!
  • The text is easy to read

    2. User-friendly

    The easier your site is to use the higher your conversion rate will be so it’s important to put the users experience the centre of everything you do when building your site. Some things to consider:

    • Can you add a one-click login option, or an auto-filled billing address?
    • Fast to navigate and load
    • Your colour scheme is a good balance between beauty and clarity. The contrast between the background and text needs to be enough that the visitor can read text easily and not strain their eyes.
    • Use strong call to actions - visitors who decide to buy or register for your newsletter want to know how to take the next step.

    While you focus on designing a sharp and stylish site don’t forget to also take into account the customer’s journey through it.

    3. Compliant

    Privacy, Terms of Sale, Returns are all legal requirements for an online store and they will also protect you, the store owner - don’t get caught without them.

    4. Easy to make a payment

    Offering as many payment options as possible builds trust and credibility while encouraging higher spend. Popular payment methods:

    • Stripe
    • PayPay
    • Interest free split payments i.e. LayBuy, AfterPay
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay

      5. Builds trust with the buyer

      One of the most important things for an e-commerce store to do is build trust with potential buyers as they can’t physically see or touch the product you need to give them a real sense of how good the product is and why they should buy from you.

      You can do this in a number of ways including:

      • Provide a way for customers to provide product reviews and make these clearly visible
      • Have easily accessible customer support (ideally 24/7)
      • Use a custom URL and email domain i.e. not

      Before you launch your site, ask yourself - ‘would I enter my credit card details without hesitation?’ 

      6. Has beautiful branding and design

      Your logo, website, emails and notifications should appear professional and have a consistent brand look and feel. When working with a designer on your logo and branding make sure they include the following:

      • Logo - files for both web and print - vector files that can be scaled and edited
      • Favicon or secondary logo
      • Colour palette
      • Font choices
      • Brand guideline or mood board

        7. Uses SEO best practice

        Brush up on your SEO (Search engine optimisation) basics, at a minimum to make sure your site is making the most of free traffic. A few things to keep in mind

        • Do your keyword research Structure your site so it is easy to use
        • Edit the title tags and meta descriptions to include your keywords
        • Edit the alt text for images to include your keywords
        • Make sure your file names include your keywords
        • Edit the URLs for blog posts, webpages, products and collections.