Choose the best social media scheduling tool

Do you ever look at all the social media marketing tools out there and wonder, “What’s the best option for me and my business?” I know I have!

But, before we dive into WHAT tool is best for you, let’s dive into WHY you need one in the first place.

Why do I need to use a SSM planning tool?

The short answer is, you don’t! If you enjoy planning out your social content on your phone or in your trusty bullet journal, then don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what works for you! BUT…if you’re struggling with what to post, how to post, or have just wanted give an online planner a try, then keep reading!

Planning your social content is ALWAYS a good idea!

  1. It allows you to post with purpose! Being meaningful in your posting is essential to expressing who you are as a brand and turning those followers into loyal customers.

  2. You can control the overall look and vibe of your social platform. This is especially important with Instagram, where photos drive engagement. Having a cohesive social platform allows followers to get to know you and your brand.

  3. You can also control the overall narrative of your platform. What journey do you want to bring your followers on? If you’re launching a new product you can build the hype and plan the journey your customer will take from initial sneak peek to final reveal!

  4. Spending a day or two batching out your content frees up daily brain space that you would normally spend putting together a post. Think of all you could get done on a daily basis if your content was already planned and ready to go!

What SSM tool should I use?

As I mentioned above, there are SO many social media marketing planning tools out there! It’s hard to figure out which one is best for you and your business. That is why I did the research and put together a little Google Sheets doc for you that breaks down the major tools out there. It highlights things like:

  • Cost

  • Number of Instagram accounts

  • Post and Story Scheduling

  • Autopost availability

  • Facebook post option

And more….

And the best part is….


Grab yours HERE and enjoy :)